A Year in Advance

A Year in Advance is a detailed and comprehensive intuitive reading that is designed to bring in clarity and optimize your personal year so that you can align to the Highest version of Self available to you in each moment. This is like receiving a personal roadmap that will support you in becoming your Highest Version of Self! What opportunities are coming in? What patterns are ready to be shifted? What does your personal year look like? It's up to Y O U to align and optimize each opportunity!

What you receive: an email with a recording for each month during your personal year (1 recording for each month)

Interested in only 3-month or 6-month increments? I have included the corresponding energy exchange for those as well, simply pay the corresponding amount and specify your desired increment during checkout.

Please also include your DOB and email address in this section. Your DOB (date of birth) is used to further personalize your year ahead.

3 months- $99

6 months- $166

12 months- $222