Ceremonial Magick

The natural realms are calling... Your inner magician/witch/mystic/Priest/Priestess is beckoning you forward...

Ceremonial Magick is an offering Divinely designed to attune you to the natural realms and to your own unique brand of magick by way of embodiment. By connecting to your Highest Self and Spiritual Court, I will channel a ceremony designed specifically for you to reconnect to the natural world. By (re)connecting to the natural world, we (re)connect to the magic that resides deep within us, naturally. The plant/mineral/tree/animal kingdoms have so much Wisdom to share and can support us in releasing and shifting patterns by working with these powerful reflections. Is there a specific issue/pattern you'd like to shift? Or is your intention simply to (re)connect to the natural world? Whatever the reason, the natural kingdom is excited to (re)connect with you! 

What you receive:

An email with your personalized channeled ceremony for (re)connection. The email will also include any additional tools/tips/links required for your experience.

Sliding scale allows you to choose an exchange that feels best for you!

Sliding Scale: $88-$199