Ancestral Healing Session


Ancestral Healing Session. 1.5 hours 

Our Ancestral lineages hold many patterns of information. This field of information contains positive, negative and neutral patterns that originate from each person within the lineage. When a person within the lineage passes into non-physical (dies) they actually pass any unhealed or unresolved traumas and patterns onto the "next in line", so that the trauma or pattern can be reconciled (healed) at some point. These unhealed patterns continue to get passed down until they are healed. This is one of the missing pieces that our scientific community within western medicine has yet to understand and factor in when they look at genetics. Genetic "dis-orders" can actually be reconciled (healed) through healing the ancestral patterns that have yet to be restored within the lineage along with other modalities of shadow work. Utilizing a combination of Toltec methods from the Nahual tradition (ancient Mexicas) and her own intuition, Angelica will take you through a powerful healing process to clear patterns that no longer serve you so that you may break the cycle within your own lineage and of humanity. Are you ready to break the cycle?

This is a 1.5 hour (sometimes longer) session where we will clear the traumas & patterns that are disabling your energy from being clear and fully empowered

* Surprise gift included, which will be intuitively chosen just for you and charged with frequencies that will uplift and support you long after your session. Mailed to you directly after your session.

*Available for US Domestic ONLY*

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Reduced exchange through November

Energy Exchange for 1 session: $155

Package of 3 sessions: $444