Lightwave Sessions


Lightwave is a powerful energy healing modality that allows one to harmonize & balance their energy centers as well as their body elementals (earth, air, fire, water, space) in order to bring in optimal function and increased flow throughout your Bio-energetic Operating System (energy field). This is offered as a package of 3 or 5 sessions as Angelica has found it of the Highest service when done in a progressive sequence, offering the recipient a highly beneficial outcome. In each session, there will be focus on balancing & harmonizing the energies within the body, while also offering energetic infusions that intuitively flow in. Many often fall into a blissful "hypnotic" state while receiving Lightwave.

These weekly sessions will pack an energetic "punch" and accelerate your frequency and manifestation as your energy is being regularly balanced & aligned. They will also show you the important benefits of frequently harmonizing and clearing your energy field. Sessions are approx 45 - 60min long.

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Payment plans are available upon request. Email Angelica directly to arrange this type of exchange.

3 sessions: $333




5 sessions: $499