Mentorship w/Angelica


Mentoring is a powerful way to make profound shifts in your life & your consciousness while allowing yourself to be supported during the personal process of transformation. I am offering to hold s p a c e for those who are called to this offer and are ready to INVEST in themselves, and their growth, in order to create ground-breaking shifts in their lives.

I have personally mentored with many people I admire and it was some of the most powerful work I've done and, looking back, investing in my transformation was one of the greatest gifts I have given myself. I also realized that it was a way to COMMIT to my own personal growth and transformation while being fully supported, seen and heard by another. 

It's one thing to have a single amazing session with someone, but its an entirely different thing to be supported during an extended period of time in order to catalyze & accelerate  significant, rapid growth within yourself and shed the layers of resistance that are holding you in lack & limitation.

I am offering BOTH options now! Choose to commit to working with me for a 3 or 6 month period OR have the freedom to work 1:1 with me for shorter blocks of time at a smaller exchange. What would you like support with? What are you open to committing to? I am here to support you in bridging the gap!

The Fall/Winter Season is an optimal time of the year to commit to this type of transformation because the cyclical nature of our planet is deeply & profoundly supporting this type of introspection, naturally.

 The work you commit to for yourself has the potential to:

- Build a strong & resilient internal foundation

- Create a stronger Connection to your Higher Guidance

-Refine your intuition & other abilities

- Significantly increase your self-awareness

- S p a r k new creativity to ALIGN you to your Purpose

- Align you to your Highest Potential

-Release old beliefs that are keeping you stuck in lack

- Work through resistances that disallow growth

-Create a new self-image

- Give you the confidence and courage to commit to your DREAMS & Passion

Are you ready to I N V E S T in yourself?


*Payment plans available

*Contact me directly to pay through Venmo or CashApp

* 35min 1:1 Mentoring Session

Energy Exchange: $55.55

*1 hour 1:1 Mentoring Session 

Energy Exchange: $111

*2 hours 1:1 Mentoring Session

Energy Exchange: $175

* 1 Month Mentorship includes:

- 4 1:1 hour sessions (1 per week)

- 1 channeled healing session

- Tools & Tips to support you

Energy Exchange: $555

* 3 month Mentorship (apply below): 

- 2x 60min 1:1

- 1x 30min 1:1

- 1x Channeled Healing Session

- Personalized Channeled Prompts to work through blocks & resistances

- Tools & Tips to support you in your transformation

- Email support + support thru WhatsApp

- Intuitively chosen gift from Angelfire Alchemy infused w/energies from your Higher Self

Energy Exchange -$1555

>>OR $1444 Paid in Full ($111 OFF) <<


* 6 Month Mentorship- apply below (Accelerated Transformation):

- Monthly Check-in and 1:1- Intuitive Coaching

- 3x Channeled Healing Session (30-45min)

- De-programming Session (Re-programming Beliefs)

- Ancestral Healing Session 

- Channeled Audio Recording

- Monthly Channeled Prompts to work through blocks 

- Tools & Tips to support you in your transformation

- Email support + Support thru WhatsApp

-Intuitively chosen gift from Angelfire Alchemy infused w/energies from your Higher Self

 Energy Exchange $3555 

>> OR $3000 paid in full (over 15% OFF!) <<