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Individual & Collaborative Options

::Limited Time Offer::
Booking available from 9/21 to 12/21 only!

1: 1 Sessions : ​This offer is designed to navigate the rest of 2021. It is only available for one season (Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere/Spring in the Southern Hemisphere).


Where do you feel stuck or unable to move? What is your J O Y?

Voice to Open Memory offers different keys in order to access Soul Memory, unlocking the areas within you that may feel inaccessible in order to gain access to your J O Y. Gain greater insights to allow for accessibility, f l o w & movement where it's most beneficial to you. Choose from a session with Angelica or Marlena individually or choose a collaborative session with both of us to gain access to the Collaborative Medicine Keys.


Unlocking: Angelica's Medicine Key

Channeled Expression & Healing to Unlock Soul Memory

This 1:1 session with Angelica will focus on channeled energy work to clear blocks that may be creating resistance to your Higher Guidance System and Knowing in order to create S P A C E for more of your Divine Self to be embodied & Known by y o u. Other components such as Light Language & Ascended Energies may also come in as the session progresses.

The intention within this session is to inform & remind your cells of Who & What you are on a Higher Level so that you begin to recognize unconscious thought & behavioral patterns keeping you in lack and limitation as well as to SPARK creative movement in your field simultaneously. Tap into your J O Y. Up-level and transform with this session.

1 hour min session thru phone or video

Energy Exchange: $155


Unlocking: Marlena's Medicine Key

Creative Expression Practices to Unlock Soul Memory

 Marlena is creating unique packages, which include dreamwork, art,  inner child play,  and overall energy medicine through conversation. As a specific and pointed part of the Voice Offers she has now, this support offers new Light to get the internal Creator moving again. Think :: unlocking and understanding your unique creative process in life!
Individual sessions will likely be thematic around voice, memory, and unlocking access to pathways still unconscious or otherwise unknown. How might you tap into your Soul imprints? Are you willing to share?
Marlena's main medicine comes through Sacred Synchronicity : a palpable guidance system that tends to work well with any individual filter of experience. She anticipates "quick" unconscious to conscious awareness...
What is a great J O Y , waiting to shine forth Now? The "dog days are over..." - Florence & the Machine


Energy exchange: $155


Unlocking: Collaborative Medicine Keys- BOTH/AND

Unlocking Soul Memory in Collaborative Space 

2 : 1 Session : Angelica has very powerful medicine.  Marlena also has very powerful medicine. Are you looking for "more" with both of us together?
We will likely be working with the unconscious to conscious in various forms. Think 'aha' moments!
Marlena will be looking at your  Lilith Astrology & Waking/Dreaming continuum of movement
Angelica will tune in to your Higher Self and provide healing organically.
What do you want to talk about?


2 hour session in full


1 hour session x2


Energy Exchange: $311


Incarnation is a second co-collaborative effort with Marlena McGuigan, that harmonizes beautifully with the Unlocking offer. Incarnation is designed to support you in breaking through cycles to the other side ... FREEDOM. 

Angelica - Matrix Restructuring

Energy Alchemy Session to Restructure your personal energetic Matrix. Your Matrix consists of many components, including but not limited to, old belief structures, disempowering & limiting imprints, as well as massive amounts of other stored information that may not be serving your Highest and best good.

 Angelica will tune into your Higher Self to deconstruct your old Matrix in order to (re)build you a brand new Matrix that allows for an easeful integration of expansive belief structures that fully support you in aligning to your greatest potential & Purpose.


Note, this an extremely powerful session! This might cause your reality to greatly SHIFT in unexpected ways! 


Energy Exchange: $155