Quantum Matrix Restructuring

Humans are vibrational beings who also have their own personal energy Matrix, or energy field. This personal Matrix includes both physical AND non-physical (energetic) components. This Matrix is comprised of ALL off the information that is stored in your energetic field AND cells/DNA. Oftentimes, through trauma and negatively oriented belief systems, our personal Matrix becomes full of distortions, destructive patterns & projections from others' that corrupt and distort the information within our personal Matrix.

Quantum Matrix Restructuring is a 3-session process guided by your Highest Self, where we will restructure any and all components within your personal Matrix that require restructuring in order to more seamlessly allow you to tap into your Quantum Self, or multi-dimensionality. In addition, Matrix Restructuring "upgrades" any components within your field that allow you to process and integrate empowering belief systems more easefully, increasing your capacity for optimal growth and expansion on your journey. Each session will work with different parts of the energy system so as to provide a more gentle approach towards dramatically shifting your reality.  This is a POTENT & powerful process that can dramatically shift your reality. I recommend this process only for those who are familiar with shadow work & integration or already possess tools/awareness to navigate the shadow as this may require you to shift quickly.

You will KNOW if this process is for you by the strong pull you feel to this offering.

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