Welcome beautiful Souls, to this new expression I have aligned to! I have been highly encouraged to Create here, so here I AM lol. I AM excited to share all I have been creating as well as the new creations yet to be birthed, with ALL who feel called to join me here! I'm new to Patreon and how it works so please be patient with me lol. I will add on as I get a FEEL for how I can be of the Highest Service here :)
I really LOVE the idea of magnetizing to me those who FEEL a resonance to my unique expression and sharing the Divine Creations I have been joyously creating behind the scenes that I don't always feel called to share on my other social media. In addition to sharing channeled creations and insights from my own experiences, I really feel called to share ME here :)  For those who may not be familiar with me, I am a Cosmic Lighthouse, Ascended Master Healer, Channel for Divine Frequencies, Divine Creatrix and Playful Child who is here to assist others in their Ascension journey as I Ascend once again, this time from the Earth plane. You can simply refer to me to Angelica though LOL!!! ;0P
I AM someone who can't be put in a box because once you think you Know me, I transform and flip the script lol. I AM here to remind all humans that labels can only take us so far, and that at a certain point, we must be open & receptive to new and "Higher" understandings so that we can continue to expand into our limitless potentiality while remaining empowered and Sovereign. We are not here to box ourselves in, but instead, to allow ourselves to expand and harmonize into the Highest Octaves available to us. This can only happen, though, when we are ready and willing to see beyond the illusion that has been created for us and that we have unconsciously perpetuated for generations. I AM here to align to my fullest potential and share with others what I have learned along the way! I'm also here to have FUN and share my wild, playful side while doing and BEING within ALL of it!!!  WELCOME!!