Offerings for the Soul

Welcome to my offerings page! Here, you will find an array of different types of services I currently offer. If you're unable to find something that calls to you and you feel guided to work with me, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to email me and we can craft an experience especially for YOU!

*Alternate Payment & Session Scheduling- If you prefer to use CashApp or Venmo as alt. payment options, I have included a link to my Venmo + CashApp (like the one below) on each offering page. You will be taken to my linktree which contains links to my CashApp & Venmo. When you've found the offering of your choice, send the proper payment amount and include the offer name along with your email address in the comments section. Within 24-48 hours, I will email you back to schedule your session! I currently personally schedule ALL of my sessions to ensure proper scheduling.

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1:1 Session

1:1 Session led by your Higher Self.


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Ancestral Healing

Session to clear the ancestral lineages of trauma and negative patterning.

$ 222

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Intuitive Reading


Receive insight regarding your life from your Spirit Team.

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Personalized channeled recording to support your expansion & elevation through sound codes.


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Matrix Restructuring

Restructuring the individual's matrix for optimal expansion & GROWTH.

3 Sessions

$ 333

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Space/Land Clearing

Clear any negative or unwanted energies in your home, office, work or land space. 

From $155

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Ceremonial Magick

Personalized ritual channeled specifically for Y O U.

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A Year in Advance

Psychic/Tarot reading for your personal year ahead.

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Soul Blueprint

Reconnect to your original Soul Blueprint.




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