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Offerings for the Soul

Welcome to my offerings page! Here, you will find an array of different types of services I currently offer. Check back from time to time as I often add new and seasonal offers!

*Alternate Payment & Session Scheduling- If you prefer to use CashApp or Venmo as alt. payment options, I have included a link to my Venmo + CashApp on each offering page. You will be taken to my Linktree which contains links to my CashApp & Venmo. When you've found the offering of your choice, send the proper payment amount and include the offer name + your email address in the comments section. Within 24-48 hours, I will email you back to schedule your session! I currently personally schedule ALL of my sessions to ensure proper scheduling.

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1:1 Session

1 hour Session led by your Higher Self + Guides to alchemize & release what no longer serves. What are you ready to SHIFT?


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Ancestral Healing Session

1:1 Session to clear the ancestral lineages of trauma and disempowered patterning.

$ 222

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Quantum Matrix Restructuring

This is a 3-session offer to restructure your energy Matrix to allow for smoother integration, optimal GROWTH + expansion & to fully support empowering Belief structures.


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Personalized channeled recording to support your expansion & elevation through sound codes.


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Soul Blueprint

Reconnect to your original Soul Blueprint & Mission. Audio recording delivered via email.


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New Client Special

1 hour session for new clients. 

$99 (orig. $155)