Space/Land Clearing
& Blessing

Hygiene, whether physical or energetic, is one of the most important key pieces when cultivating any S P A C E. Clearing the spaces we work & BE/live in allows us to create and cultivate greater clarity & elevated energetic support by taking responsibility of the multi-dimensional component of space we reside in. When the energetic levels of ANY space are free from negative influences, it allows for greater flow, movement and cultivation of our own energy. Our home, vehicles, land space and webpages are an extension of our own energy. When we neglect to regularly clear these spaces, energetic debris begins to collect. Think of it as "ethereal dust". This ethereal dust is made up of emotional, mental and spiritual energy. As this ethereal dust collects, it attracts other energies to it and, over time, lowers the vibrational frequency/bandwidth of the space. Regular clearing of negative influences keeps these spaces flowing optimally and efficiently. A clear space also allows us to easily perceive any energies that are OUT of alignment, this includes any objects that aren't serving your Highest good. Space clearing provides an energetic blueprint to support your elevation and alignment.


Spaces included:

workspace, shared spaces, individual rooms, Office, House, Land, vehicle, website, social media

This offer includes:

- A complete clearing of any negative influences and "ethereal dust" with sacred smoke/smudge + other tools

- Any additional energy work required to ensure the space is clear

- Attunement of the space to the Highest & best energies available

- Blessing of the space


** FREE INTUITIVE CONSULTATION: Since every s p a c e is unique and may have different requirements, intuitive consultations are necessary! If this offer is for you, use the button below to email me a description of all spaces you want cleared and within 24 hours you will receive an email from me that includes a sliding scale exchange rate. Recurring subscriptions are also available!